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Happy VPN is opgericht in 2007 en is gevestigd in de Verenigde Staten. Het lijkt erop dat het een zeer uitgebreide service biedt, wat we zullen onderzoeken.

Max Ostryzhko

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Like many other VPNs out there. they provide a service too basic for my liking. There are some amazing features here, but this is nothing new to the VPN world.
It is true that, they did ask for my credentials. Getting it from the horse's own mouth, here is what Happy VPN say "To prevent fraudulent orders we may ask for a scan/ copy of your ID or credit card to confirm your identity." That makes my mind uneasy and unsettled.
The privacy policy is just too vague. They don’t say much as to why. I don't like it so much, this is not a good vpn because their policy terms lack clarity to me.
It is true that they do have an email set up, as well as a contact form on their website. Happy VPN has a very fast response time. I like the way they treat me when I have issues about their vpn.
I have the option to connect Windows operating systems and Mac devices to Happy VPN through their PPTP and L2TP/Ipsec security protocols. This is a decent safety net although I still believe even this can be further improved with time.
They do admit to being willing to disclose any of their users’ information. As long as they be required to do so by law. They do not guarantee its user’s absolute privacy as it ought to
The company does offer some of the best prices in the industry. Only one of the best features available here. A good sign.
So far, so good. The speed here is relatively exceptional compared to most of the other vpns I have used in the past.
As a member, you agree to protect your user id/password and their system from unauthorized use. Accordingly, this vpn provider blatantly states that sharing can result in your account being suspension and without the possibility o...Lees Meer
I do believe that any vpn company without the kill switch is not the best choice. The kill switch should be a top priority for any serious vpn company.
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