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BeeVPN: Is dit een robuuste keuze?

BeeVPN is een van die services die streven naar het leveren van functies op bedrijfsniveau aan een persoon. Het functiepakket en klantenondersteuning zijn de sterke punten van dit bedrijf, maar het gebrek aan snelheid is nog steeds het onderwerp van gesprek.

BeeVPN is een eenvoudige en gemakkelijk te gebruiken service met veel topfuncties die voor een betaalbare prijs worden aangeboden. Het bedrijf werd in 2009 in Denemarken opgericht en is een bekende naam in dit wereldje.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

I only use BeeVPN to stream live my favorite TV shows. Therefore, I think that the speeds are fair enough on my end. Some of my friends however complain about the speeds when it comes to downloading big files.
I think that the features provided in the BeeVPN package do not deserve to be priced as they do. They are too costly. Maybe the provider should think about bringing in additional features.
After using BeeVPN for a couple of months, I realized that it was much more affordable when I went for an annual plan. This is the only way that I could take advantage of discounts that they offer annually.
Without beating around the bush, if you are living in Denmark, like I am, then this is the VPN provider that you should turn to. It’s worth the try.
I use the BeeVPN services on my Playstation and the experience so far is amazing. I get to enjoy simulated games without any kind of buffers or loading errors. The same goes to my PC at home.
For me, going for an annual plan was the best decision I made so far. The features that come with the BeeVPN services are worth its value and I have never regretted choosing it over other VPNs.
I love the fact that the website is well detailed for a novice VPN user like me. I ended up settling for the VPN provider because of the informative content that it providers on its web page.
The BeeVPN provider guarantees 24/7 customer care support. Often, my queries are normally responded to within minutes. I love this about the VPN provider.
I experienced some buffers when streaming HD videos on YouTube and other pages. This is a disappointing thing that I often experience when using BeeVPN services.
Yes the features provided are exceptional, no doubt. But I still insist on the issue of failing to provide for free trial. Some of my friends want to try out their services first hand but they are limited because there is no free trial feature.

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